Placing Limit Orders

Limit orders are typically used by investors who expect a price to move from present values, but do not have time to watch these movements closely. For instance, you may be interested in selling all or part of a current holding but you want to sell no lower than a particular value. 'Dealing At Limit' allows you to place orders that will only be executed if the price you set is reached.

The next step in placing a Limit order is to enter your limit price. You should enter the minimum amount per share (before the deduction of dealing charges) you are willing to accept in the 'Sell No Lower' field. The current live sell price for this share is shown to guide you when entering these values. The price you would receive if you were to sell your shares is the current sell price. The limit prices are always in pence or euro (depending on whether you are a shareholder in the UK or Ireland).

You also need to set an expiry date. This date can be on the next business day, 30 days or 90 days from placing the order.

Before finally completing the order click 'Estimate Deal Value'. The display will now show you an 'Estimated Deal Quantity'. This is based on the quantity you entered or is a figure calculated from the amount you specified. You'll also see when the order will expire, the 'Estimated Deal Value Currently' (i.e. the price you would receive for your shares based on the current sell price) or the 'Estimated Deal Value at Limit'. When the order executes, the final deal values may be different from these estimates.

We are required by the FSA regulation to publish your order to market participants. This is to increase market transparency. No personal details will be published and you have the right when you give your instructions to ask us not to publish details of the trade. If you do not want us to publish details of the trade then you will need to tick the box before placing your limit order.

If you are satisfied at this point you should click 'Place Limit order'.

You can cancel an open order at any time from the 'Open Orders' area of the 'Account Details' screen by signing back in using the same Link Administered Company details.

Risk warning: Remember the price of shares can go down as well as up, and you are not guaranteed to get back the amount that you originally invested.
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