Link Share Deal - Before you deal

On 6th November 2017, following the acquisition by Link Group, Capita Asset Services changed its trading name to Link Asset Services.
Further information explaining these changes is available in the Investor Communications section of the Fund Information page.

Before you deal

Who can use this dealing service?

This service is only available to private individuals resident in the UK, the EEA, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man who hold shares in a company for which Link Market Services provides share registration services, or a nominee program administered by Link Market Services Trustees Limited.

When can I deal?

The Internet service is normally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, we can only execute on your dealing instructions during the hours of the stock market, currently Monday to Friday 8am to 4.30pm, excluding UK public holidays. The ‘Sell Now’ and ‘Buy Now’ options will disappear outside of market hours and reappear again at 8am on market opening. This is because these instructions cannot be acted upon while the market is closed. You can place Limit orders at any time, although they will only execute within market hours. If you prefer to deal by phone, our telephone lines will normally be open between 8am and 4.30pm, excluding weekends and UK public holidays, and/or where the stock market closes early.

If you have communication difficulties such as hearing or speech problems, you can call our customer care team through RNID Typetalk. The operator can relay a conversation between a textphone user and our telephone trading team who use voice telephones. For further information about how to use the RNID Typetalk service visit

Which shares can I deal in?

You can buy or sell shares in a company for which Link Market Services acts as the registrar, or for a company whose nominee program is administered by Link Market Services Trustees Limited (a "Link Administered Company"). You must already own shares in a relevant company to use this service. A drop-down list of Link Administered Companies appears on the login page in the 'Company' box.

If you are resident in the UK, you will also have the option to trade in shares in selected companies for which Link Market Services does not act as registrar ("non-Link Administered Company"). To use this dealing facility, you will log in under an existing holding in a Link Administered Company. Once you have logged into this company and reached your account page you will be presented with another drop down list at the bottom of your account page. Once you have selected the company you wish to trade in you can then go on to buy or sell shares in this company.

Do I have to deal in my Link Administered Company shares in order to buy or sell non-Link Administered Company shares?

No. You will need to already have a valid holding in a Link Administered Company in order to login successfully. This is only to help confirm your identity; you do not need to deal in these shares if you do not wish to.

Why have I received your letter requesting certain documents?

When we carry out a share trade or series of share trades, you may be referred for identification and address verification. We perform electronic checks to confirm the information provided/held on our records for you as the shareholder at the address registered on the shareholding. The results of the electronic checks determine if we need to write to you to request further documentary evidence.

Our share dealing service is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and we must adhere to the applicable Laws/Regulations/Acts of Parliament to ensure that we “Know our Customer”. This is achieved by verifying your identify and address, as per your shareholding.

I have bought/sold shares with Link in the past, so why do I have to provide certain documents again?

In certain circumstances, we are required to carry out these checks each time someone places a trade, irrespective of when we last carried out the checks.

What should I do if I do not have any of the documents requested?

Please contact us directly on +44 (0)20 3728 5201, between 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday (subject to UK public holidays) or email us:   

We are here to help, support and guide you through the document verification process.

Does the Power of Attorney have to provide identification documents when acting on behalf of the shareholder?

When a person deals with assets under a Power of Attorney, the identity of holders of Power of Attorney should be verified in addition to that of the shareholder.

How quickly can I start dealing?

It takes a few seconds for you to enter your personal details and to check you have a valid holding. You can then trade in that stock. If you are resident in the UK you can deal in one of the non-Link Administered stocks that will be available in the Account Summary page after you have logged in. Once you have logged in and selected the company in which you wish to deal you can normally trade immediately. 

Will you need to verify my identity?

In accordance with Anti-Money Laundering regulations, we may need to seek evidence of your identity. You will be told if we require further information to verify your identity and we may ask you to send various documents to confirm your name and address. Until these documents are received, we will not be able to despatch sale proceeds or undertake the purchase of shares for you. We will not be liable for any losses incurred as a result. 

In the event that you do not provide necessary information to complete these checks, you may be liable for the costs to reverse the trade. An administration fee of £20.00 (€30.00 in Republic of Ireland) will be payable, plus any market movement upon rectification. Please send any such documentation we ask you for promptly. All documents are sent at your own risk and we recommend you send documents using a secure method of postage.

How many companies can I deal in?

As long as you have a valid holding in a Link Administered Company to login, you are able to deal in shares for as many companies as you wish. If you would like to deal in another Link Administered Company you will need to return to the login page and login to the relevant company in the normal way.

What currency do I use to buy and sell shares?

All transactions, for both sales and purchases, will be executed in sterling or euros depending on the currency the stock trades in the market. In certain cases, payment will be made in euro, even where the trade has executed in sterling.

Can I sell shares for a company where I have a share certificate?

Yes, provided you are in possession of a valid share certificate(s). Once we have taken your instructions and sold your shares, we will send you a CREST transfer form which you will need to complete and return to us as soon as possible with your share certificate(s).

Can I sell shares that are held in a nominee account?

Yes, provided the shares are held in a nominee account administered by Link Market Services Trustees Limited. All we will need is your shareholder reference number, which should appear on your most recent account statement.

How do I pay for share purchases?

You can pay for shares using a Debit MasterCard, Maestro or Visa Delta debit card in the UK, which is registered in your name at your address. Cleared funds must be available and we rely on your bank to authorise the transaction. If authorisation is not given, we cannot complete the transaction.

You do not need to open an account with us to buy shares, but you do need to hold existing shares in at least one of the companies for which Link Market Services (or its affiliates) acts as registrar, or whose nominee program is administered by Link Market Services Trustees Limited.

What is MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa?

MasterCard® SecureCode™ and Verified by Visa are products that are offered by MasterCard and Visa in conjunction with the bank who has issued your card. SecureCode and Verified by Visa allows you to authenticate a Maestro or Visa card online payment by entering a unique, personal code or PIN, which has been issued to you by your Card Issuer.

What is the minimum trade size for dealing?

There is no minimum trade size provided the value of the deal is greater than the commission we will charge.

Am I guaranteed the quoted price when I place an order to sell / buy now?

When you place an order at the quoted price this will usually be accepted, but is not guaranteed until confirmed. The quoted price is available for a short time, after which time the quote expires and a new price will be given.

Where can I get live prices?

You will be shown or quoted a live price directly before you place a trade either online or by phone. Until that point, all prices are 15 minutes delayed.

Can orders be placed and processed outside trading hours?

You can place Limit orders online at any time of the day but they can only be acted upon during Stock Market opening hours.

What is your best execution policy?

Download a copy of our best execution policy.

What will you do with my original/certified documents once received?

All original documents received are checked and returned by either the Royal Mail special delivery service or International signed for service, depending on the registered address.

Certified documents are returned by normal post.

Risk warning: Remember the price of shares can go down as well as up, and you are not guaranteed to get back the amount that you originally invested.
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